Everybody enjoys a nice sunrise. Yesterday morning, I had the pleasure to document the Great Crested Grebe (or Silkkiuikku in Finnish) while the rising sun pushed away the mist over the calm and almost mirror-like water.


You might know, how an adult Crested Grebe looks like, with its distinctive head decoration. But did you know that their youngsters are striped in black and white? They are excellent divers and even the youngest can swim and dive almost immediately after hatching. Since their legs are sitting quite far in the back, they are not good walkers and therefore you barely can see them outside of the water. This might also be the reason why they nest on the edge of the lake.

In the short video I took, you can see how the Grebe is chasing its prey by diving. As you might also see on the footage, I was surprised, how far he actually dove. I could also observe that the grebe is always swimming to the ducks and is diving there. Like the ducks already found a food source, he could use too.

Because of those diving skills and the decorative head, it is called Haubentaucher in German, which means “hood diver”.