The red warehouses on the waterfront are one of the main attractions in Porvoo. Those 300 year old buildings are usually the first thing of the city you will see. Together with the cathedral in the background, it is probably the most photographed place.

The cathedral is on top of the hill, which is also the heart of Old Porvoo. It was built in the 14th century and burnt down 5 times. Right next to it, you will find a little red church from 1740.

On another hill, just outside the Old Town, you will find the remains of the Castle of Porvoo. It was the biggest ancient fortress in Finland. From here you have an amazing view over the Old Town, which also Albert Edelfelt made used for his paintings of Porvoo.

But what attracts visitors most, might be the atmosphere itself. Even though fires were a common problem in wooden settlements, the Old Town could preserve its charme, due to the citizens, who rebuild their houses on the same foundations.