Finns, Ferries and Stockholm


Finns and Ferries is a story on it’s own. If I have to make a list with the Top 10 things of Ultimate Finnishness, then Ferry Rides is definitely one of them.

The favorite destination is Sweden...or so it has been. Since the 1990s, when the Soviet Union broke apart and borders were opened, the traffic to Estonia started to increase. Regarding to last years statistic of Transport Agency statistics, Estonia is now the Number 1 destination of Finnish Ferry passengers. Here some numbers:  48% Estonia, 46% Sweden and 6% other international ferry trips.

Nevertheless, for my birthday trip this year, I chose the traditional ferry ride from Helsinki to Stockholm. Antti and I spent a total of 32 hours on the ferry and another 10 hours exploring the city. We left Helsinki on Friday afternoon at 5 pm and had a lovely dinner buffet while driving through Helsinkis Archipelago. The food was delicious, but what I was most excited about was that they had ice cream and candies. CANDIES! In the evening, we had some cocktails and enjoyed the view on the top floor. After a good night sleep, we had breakfast and just half an hour later we arrived at Stockholm.

The main goal for Stockholm was to explore the metro and practice some street photography. In the morning, the city was calm and quite and it was lovely to stroll through Gamla Stan, but around lunch time it got really busy. So we moved on and had one of the best burgers I’ve ever ate at Oliver’s Twist. Our last stop on the list was Skogskyrkogården, one of Sweden's 15 UNESCO World Heritage sites, in the southern part of Stockholm. This cemetery was created around 1920 by Asplund and Lewerentz. Two young architects took advantage of the uneven landscape and designed a perfect blend between nature and architectural elements.

Back on the boat, I settled down on a chair in the back of the deck. Enjoying the slowly setting sun, as I watched how another ferry behind us squeezed itself through the water landscape. In the morning, as we are coming closer to Helsinki, we went out on the deck in the front. We are driving through the tight gap between Suomenlinna and Vallisaari. The ship turns in the busy South Harbour. And we are back on Finnish Land.