On Monday, the last day of April, my boyfriend and I had both a day off. I could convince him to join a little roadtrip to Tampere to have lunch and checked some municipalities for my 311 challenge.

As I looked out of the window, between Akaa and Valkeakoski, I saw an interesting ridge in the middle of the trees passing by. We were looking for a possibility to inspect the ridge further and luckily found a nice open area from where we could sent up the drone.

Just moments after I got Mavic up in the sky, I heard a train approaching. What a chance! In a hurry, I maneuvered the noisy little machine across the forest and positioned it above the ridge.


As the sun broke through the clouds, the surface of the water was filled with reflections. It was peaceful, though birds were scared away from the rumbling freight train in the otherwise quite landscape.