I didn’t had a bike, since it was stolen around 8 years ago right out of my front yard. Last year, 2017, I decided it’s time to get back on the wheels and ordered a Creme Cycle Caferacer Man Uno.

Creme Cycles is a manufacturer from Poland. The bikes are handbuilt in Europe and have beautiful details. Make sure you check them out! And yes, you read correct “man”. I just love the sleek and minimal look of their man series. Btw...same goes for bags and wallets. Both I have from a German manufacturer called Aunts & Uncles and both are from their men series. I am not sure why that it, but for some reason I like designs for men better.

So I rode my Caferacer throughout the summer to work and back. 45 minutes per ride. 1,5 hours per day. I listened to french music in finnish sunshine and got soaked wet several times.

Long story short: Winter came and I just couldn’t wait till spring, when it’s warm enough to pedal around. So I gave my bike a little winter cleaning and took it out in the snow and on the ice for a little photo shooting.