Making Change Happen


2015 was the year of change. I finished my studies and was now looking for a job in Helsinki.

But how could I communicate with them professionally? There was no way to learn Finnish as fast and to that level that I wanted. So I decided to learn English instead. It took 8 hours of schooling on five days a week, switching all media to the target language (movies, music, books, phone, etc.) and 3 months later, I was fluent and could talk comfortably and professionally in English.

Since it was not that likely to find a job when you are not in the same country, I decided to level up my chances and traveled to Finland four times. I experienced Vappu and Juhannus, visited Suomenlinna and Oulu, took a day ferry to Tallinn. And finally the fifth time, I stayed.

I started to learn Finnish and only 2 short winter months after my move, I found a job in my field as an Architect. It took 16 years, from the day I have heard of a country called Finland, until I finally was where I wanted to be.