Helsinki for the first Time


My first trip to Finland was from Christmas 2013 to Beginning of January 2014. I vividly remember the moment, when the plane took of in the early morning. It was dark, Berlin was full of city lights and I was somewhat emotional. I was sure, that I would freak out to finally be Helsinki...surrounded by Finns...but as a matter of fact...I have never been more calm in my life. Probably because I was so relieved that I actually made it, which I was doubting for years.

Back then the airport didn’t had a train connection, so I had to take a bus to the city center and then walked to my nice little apartment at Hellsten Hotels in Töölö. I was strolling around the city, just seeing where it takes me. In those 10 days of my stay, there was the LUX light festival and I visited the Sibelius Monument, Finlandia Hall, Helsinki Cathedral, Olympia Stadium and went up the Olympia Tower.

I was in the last year of my Architecture Studies and chose the Guggenheim Museum as my Master project. So a big part of that trip was research and site visits.

Somehow I also managed to go to 3 concerts: a band of a friend on the first evening, Amorphis at New Years Eve and Crazy World on the last evening. Of course I watched as many Ice Hockey games as possible and hit the sauna as often as I could.