Oslo in disguise


Just 2 weeks after I went to Copenhagen, it was time to go to Oslo on a study trip.

By accident I found out that the Master students of my university in Erfurt are going to Oslo for an excursion. So I begged every professor and explained that I have to go there with them, even though I was just a Bachelor student at the time. Apparently I was so consistent (or annoying) that they had to give in. Score!


A few weeks later, our plane took off from Berlin Schönefeld and the male flight attendants were guiding the way to the exits. The plane was surprisingly empty and I had the whole row for myself. First I was glad to have so much space, but just moments later it got so bumpy, that I would have been glad to have someone next to me.
Till today, this was the worst flight ever. Full of air pockets. They can call them “ordinary” turbulences as much as they want, but it feels like the plane drops and you are pretty convinced that this will be your last breath. But hey...if you have been flying, then you probably know what I am talking about.

In those 3 days, we went to a few architecture offices, visited the Opera House, Holmenkollen and so on. On the last day, I went to explore the city on my own. I strolled along the shore to Bygdøy, an foresty island outside the city. After all that hustle, it was nice to have a few hours to recharge.

At that point I had no idea that it will take me another 2 years to set a foot in a Nordic Country.