Christmas Collection 2018


For this holiday season I have created a Christmas Card and Sticker Collection.

Due to the recent passing of my Grandfather, I have decided to devote it to him and illustrated one of our great journeys. In the previous winter, we had a snowy road trip all across Lapland. Now I share what we have seen and take friends and family with us on our 1500 km long adventure.

Artboard 70.jpg
Artboard 20.png
Artboard 70.png
Artboard 10.png
Artboard 80.png
Artboard 110.png
Artboard 60.png
Artboard 100.png
Artboard 50.png
Artboard 40.png
Artboard 120.png
Artboard 90.png
Artboard 30.png
Artboard 4 copy 5.jpg
Artboard 4 copy.jpg
Artboard 4 copy 4.jpg